How to Create a Beautiful Custom Bottom Tab in React Native using React Navigation

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How to Fix React Native iOS Build Issues on M1 Mac

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How to Check whether Dark Mode is enabled in React Native

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How to create Custom Dark Theme using Context API in React Native

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How to add FlashList in React Native

It’s a known fact that the performance of FlatList slows down when you have a huge chunk of data. Shopify introduced an alternative to FlatList named FlashList which fixes the shortcomings of FlatList. FlashList is fast and performant when compared to FlatList. It increases the performance in both Android and iOS platforms. After all, FlashList … Read more

‘The Android Gradle plugin supports only Kotlin Gradle plugin version 1.3.40 and higher’ React Native Error Fix

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Android Emulator Showing Wrong Time Error Fix

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How to Show Images According to a Preferred Aspect Ratio in React Native

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How to Fix Android Gradle plugin requires Java 11 to run React Native Error

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How to Fix ‘while resolving: undefined@undefined’ Error while Creating new React Native Project

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How to Show Dashed Border in React Native

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How to Drag and Reorder FlatList Items in React Native

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How to Add OTP Input in React Native

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