How to Make Text Component Copyable in React Native

Copy and paste are two basic features available in our smartphones. Hence, users expect to have this feature on every app. If you have an app that has lot of text then you might want to implement a copy and paste feature in your app too. You should use selectable prop of the Text component … Read more

How to Prompt to Compose Email with given Subject and Body in React Native

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How to Create a Swipeable Component in React Native

Having swipeable components in your app is very useful for actions such as deleting and archiving. The swiping ability inside your app brings down the rigid nature of user interface and increase the flexibility of app usage. Here, let’s create a simple swipeable component in react native using react native gesture handler library. React native … Read more

How to Share Text Messages to Other Apps in React Native

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Keystore file not found for signing config ‘debug’ React Native Error Fix

Yes, I am back with another react native error. When I cloned one of my react native projects and tried to run it on my Android emulator using react-native run-android . And I got the following error on the terminal: What went wrong:Execution failed for task ‘:app:validateSigningDebug’.> Keystore file ‘YourProject/android/app/debug.keystore’ not found for signing config … Read more

Cannot GET /debugger-ui/ React Native Error Fix

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