Android APK Build Failed Couldn’t follow Symbolic Link React Native Error Fix

By Rashid •  July 8th, 2019 • 

I was trying to build APK file from an old react native project which runs react native version 0.55.4 and the build failed and the following error had shown up in the terminal.

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.
What went wrong:
Could not list contents of ‘/media/rashid/B0305F9E305F6A7C/MyProject/node_modules/.bin/pbjs’. Couldn’t follow symbolic link.

So, how did I fix this react native issue?

Even though I had no clue about this issue but I found out the solution from here. I just navigated to MyProject/node_modules and made the hidden folders visible. I was on Ubuntu and hence pressing ctrl+H revealed hidden folders inside node modules. Then I searched for folder named .bin and I deleted it.

I tried building APK file and I was successful. When you face similar react native issue you can try this solution.


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