React Native API Call Example with Axios, Redux, and Hooks

In this blog post, let’s see how to do API calls using Axios, Redux, and Hooks in react native. As the importance of hooks and proper state management increases, making API calls with hooks and redux is a better way and can be helpful for large react native applications. Before starting out, please do install … Read more

How to Integrate Google Maps in your React Native App (Android)

When coming to location-based maps, you can’t ignore Google Maps. In this blog post, let’s see how to integrate Google Maps in your React Native Android app. We use React Native Maps react native library to add Google Maps. Before that, we need Google developer API to implement maps in your app. Get Google Maps … Read more

An Introduction to React Native Web

Three years ago, I was a native Android developer who used Java language to develop mobile apps. Later, I switched to react native because developing apps for both android and ios with a single code base is possible with it. Now, react native is not limited to just mobile apps, you can even create web … Read more

5 Console Tricks For Better Debugging in React Native

The console.log() method is the easiest way to debug your code not only in React Native but also in other JavaScript apps. Simply showing the results in the console can save you time. What if you know some console tricks which can make your debugging better? Here, I am going through five cool console methods … Read more

Good Bye Hot Reloading! Welcome Fast Refresh!

Finally, react native stable version 0.61 is out with more features and improvements. In this latest react native version, the following features are added. Introduction of Fast Refresh React version upgraded to 16.9 Fixed use_frameworks! CocoaPods support Add useWindowDimensions Hook As you see, Fast Refresh is the main highlight of react native 0.61 version. On … Read more

How to Integrate ‘Sign in with Google’ in React Native (Android)

Most of the mobile users in this world have atleast one google account. Hence, using Google account to authenticate user is always used in many mobile apps. In this blog post, let’s see how to setup ‘sign in with google’ in react native. First of all, go to Firebase console and add a new project. … Read more

How to do API calls in React Native with Axios and Redux

Redux is the most popular application state management library used in react as well as react native apps. In this blog post, I will explain to you how to do API calls or HTTP requests in react native with redux and Axios. Update: Check out my new blog post on how to do API calls … Read more

How to Create a Drawer Navigator with Custom Component in React Native using React Navigation

In this blog post I will walk you through how to create a navigation drawer with custom content component in react native using navigation library react navigation. First of all add react navigation library to your react native project using the following command: npm install react-navigation Now, install react native gesture handler in your project … Read more

React Native 0.60 is released! My First Impressions

I have been waiting for this for some time and the stable react native version 0.60 is released finally. In this blog post I am looking into breaking changes and big improvements of version 0.60 when compared to previous versions. New Default Screen First of all, I created a new react native project with the … Read more

How to Embed Youtube Video in React Native Webview

In this blog post, I will show you how to embed a YouTube Video in your react native app using WebView. As you may know, the WebView component is removed from the react native core. But you can use the Webview component from react native community. First of all, install react native webview using the … Read more

10 React Native Libraries you can use in your Next Project

Even though React Native has a lot of components and apis itself, sometimes we feel some items missing especially when we want to increase the pace of development. Fortunately, React Native has a wonderful community behind to develop third party libraries to reduce the ‘missing’ components gap. In this blog post, I am not writing … Read more