Participate in Hacktoberfest and Get free T-shirts

We can develop high quality cross platform mobile apps using react native free of cost. What is the one factor which makes react native so popular? Yes, it’s an open source project. Anyone can use it, modify it and contribute it.

We must be thankful for the open source community. We are using so many open source libraries in our react native projects. So, now comes a time to pay back – Hacktober Fest 2019.

HacktoberFest is a month long (October) event to encourage open source contributions. For beginners, it’s a perfect chance to get into the world of open source. It is also a perfect time for developers who never contributed to open source projects.

Support open source and earn a limited edition T-shirt – That’s the talking point of hacktoberfest. Yes, you can get free T-shirt when you make 4 pull requests to any public repositories hosted on Github.

The T-shirt is for the first 50,000 participants who make 4 valid pull requests. It’s not about T-shirt, it’s about paying back to the open source community.

You can start participating hacktoberfest by registering here. The last date of the open source contribution is October 31. Before making pull requests, make sure to read the rules of hacktoberfest here.

So, what are you waiting for? Improve open source projects you always use and get a T-shirt for free!

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