React Native 0.60 is released! My First Impressions

By Rashid •  July 5th, 2019 • 

I have been waiting for this for some time and the stable react native version 0.60 is released finally. In this blog post I am looking into breaking changes and big improvements of version 0.60 when compared to previous versions.

New Default Screen

First of all, I created a new react native project with the latest version. I noticed that the code of App.js has been changed. After running, the new screen looks as given below.

The new default screen of react native is really refreshing.

AndroidX Support

Now onwars react native support AndroidX out of the box. That’s really a breaking change for Android platform. But you have to migrate native third party libraries to AndroidX yourself. As a temporary solution, react native team suggests Jetifier tool. Android issue still persists until the third party library owners migrate native libraries to AndroidX.

I had already written blog post on Androidx migration in react native.

Good Bye React Native Link!

Forget about those linking headaches, it’s time to welcome new feature called autolinking. React Native command line tools are improved and now you don’t require react-native link command. You can add and link a native third party library as given below:

# install
yarn add react-native-webview
cd ios && pod install && cd .. # CocoaPods on iOS needs this extra step
# run
yarn react-native run-ios
yarn react-native run-android

CocoaPods Support

From this version onwards, cocoapods are part of react native’s ios project. So always remember to open xcworkspace file while using Xcode. I hope adding third-party native libraries would be easier than previous versions.

Lean Core

As a part of making the core lean and slim, webview and netinfo are moved out of react native repository. Now onwards you need to use react native webview and react native community netinfo.

For complete list of changes, go through the change log of react native repository.

My first impressions on new React Native 0.60 version are positive. I hope to have lesser react native issues with this version.


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