React Native Version 0.62 is Out!

By Rashid •  March 27th, 2020 • 

I always feel excited when the new version of react native version is rolled out. What it means for me is many more features are added plus many headaches are gone. As expected, React Native 0.62 is released with cool features.

React Native team announced the release through their blog post on March 26. The most important feature in this release is the out of the box support for Flipper, a popular developer tool from Facebook to debug mobile apps.

The addition of Flipper support would be a blessing to react native developers because Flipper has got features such as Metro Actions, Crash Reporter, Network Inspector, React DevTools, Metro and Device Logs, Native Layout Inspector, etc.

Apart from Flipper, the new version has other features and improvements which include new dark mode features, new LogBox error, react devtools v4, accessibility improvements, etc. Check out official react native blog post for more information.


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