How to Generate Debug APK File in React Native

We always want to test our app before creating a signed APK file or ABD file and publishing it to the Google Play Store. Generating a debug APK file not only helps us to test the app ourselves but also let us to share it among other users. Let’s check how to generate debug APK … Read more

APK Upload Failed even after Updating Version Code Google Play Console Error Fix

Recently, my APK upload failed multiple times when I was trying to update one of my react native apps through Google Play Publisher portal. The error says that Upload Failed – You need to use a different version code for your APK or Android App Bundle beacuse you already have one with xx . The … Read more

Android APK Build Failed Couldn’t follow Symbolic Link React Native Error Fix

I was trying to build APK file from an old react native project which runs react native version 0.55.4 and the build failed and the following error had shown up in the terminal. FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.What went wrong: Could not list contents of ‘/media/rashid/B0305F9E305F6A7C/MyProject/node_modules/.bin/pbjs’. Couldn’t follow symbolic link. So, how did I … Read more

React Native APK Build Failed Unable to Process Incoming Event ‘ProgressComplete’ Error Fix

Yes, it’s time to build APK from your ambitious React Native project but alas! you have stumbled upon this APK build error- Unable to Process Incoming Event ‘ProgressComplete’ Error Fix. If this is your story then don’t worry here’s a solution for you. In order to build the APK, just execute the following command from … Read more