How to add Multiline Support to TextInput in React Native

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How to Add OTP Input in React Native

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How to change the Cursor Color of TextInput Component in React Native

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How to Add or Remove TextInput Dynamically and get Values in React Native

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How to Make the TextInput on Focus in React Native

TextInput is one of the most important components in React Native. In this blog post, I am sharing with you how to make the TextInput focus automatically. When the TextInput is in focus the keyboard appears automatically and this prompts the user to type in. You can use the autoFocus prop to make the TextInput … Read more

How to Limit Maximum Number of Characters in React Native TextInput

Sometimes you don’t want the user to input many characters through React Native TextInput component. Fortunately, react native TextInput has a prop to limit the characters the user enters. The maxLength property of TextInput limits the number of maximum characters that can be entered. You can use it as given in the code snippet given … Read more

How to Add an Icon inside TextInput in React Native

Sometimes, you may want to show an icon inside your TextInput, specifically saying- an icon aligned to the left of the TextInput. React Native TextInput has inlineImageLeft prop to add an icon inside it. Unfortunately, inlineImageLeft supports only the Android platform. There’s also another prop named inlineImagePadding to adjust the padding of the image inside … Read more

How to Change the Placeholder Text Color of TextInput Component in React Native

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How to Make TextInput not Editable in React Native

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